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A sustainable product is a kinder product—kinder to the planet, and kinder to all of its residents. As a leader in the glass packaging industry, we recognize and embrace our role as a responsible corporate citizen and employer in the communities we serve around the world. We’re proud to make a sustainable product and positively impact our communities.

O-I’s Sustainability Goals

At O-I, we are focused on the future. Our goals are ambitious, but achievable.

Climate Change

25% reduction in greenhouse gas emissions by 2030 (interim target of 10% by 2025). This exceeds the expected rate of improvement for our industry under the Science Based Targets Initiative and the Paris Accord.

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Glass Recycling

Increase the global average of post-consumer recycled content in our products to 50% by 2025 (2017 baseline was 38%). O-I is taking a tailored approach to increase recycled content rates across its enterprise network as rates vary significantly by geography.

Glass Recycling Stories

As part of our journey toward zero injuries, we are committed to a 35% improvement in O-I’s three-year rolling average Total Recordable Incident Rate (TRIR) by 2025. We continue to enhance face-to-face communication with shop floor employees and increase employee engagement.

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Our People

We will continue to foster a culture of employee well-being and an environment where development opportunities exist for everyone. We are focused on increasing all aspects of diversity across our management team while includes taking steps to increase the representation of women in senior leadership roles compared to the base of 28% women in 2017.

Our Communities

We see tremendous opportunity to positively impact the planet as well as improving conditions in the communities where we operate. We will collaborate with customers, NGOs, suppliers and local leaders to implement glass container collection programs in 75% or more of the communities we serve by 2025.

Community Stories
Sustainability in Action

Company News, Sustainability News June 30, 2020
Ambitious ‘Close the Glass Loop’ Campaign Aims to Push EU’s Glass Recycling Rates to 90%

Close the Glass Loop, the ambitious campaign to push glass recycling to new heights in the European Union, officially launches […]

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Company News, Sustainability News May 14, 2020
EU Campaign ‘Close the Glass Loop’ Sets Ambitious Glass Recycling Goals

The glass container manufacturing industry is rallying around “Close the Glass Loop,” an ambitious campaign to increase the quality and […]

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Blog Stories, Sustainability News April 22, 2020
Don’t Let COVID-19 Change Good Recycling Habits (Podcast)

The COVID-19 health crisis has left uncertain impacts on what was once normal routines. A trip to the grocery store is […]

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Company News, Sustainability News April 17, 2020
O-I Offers Digital Curriculum for Earth Day 2020

April 22 marks the 50th Anniversary of Earth Day. While Earth Day this year will look a little different than […]

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Company News, Sustainability News April 14, 2020
O-I 3D Prints Face Shield Frames for Northwest Ohio Medical Workers

O-I Glass, Inc. is using its 3D printing capabilities to make face shield frames, a piece of personal protective equipment […]

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Company News, Sustainability News February 27, 2020
Contributing to a Healthier World

O-I Receives Approval for Science-Based Emissions Reduction Targets PERRYSBURG, OH, O-I Glass, Inc.(NYSE: OI) is the first glass packaging company […]

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Company News, Sustainability News February 25, 2020
Glass Benefits Highlighted in Wall Street Journal

On Monday, February 24, the Wall Street Journal published an article “Glass, Once the King of Packaging, Seeks a Comeback,” […]

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Company News, Sustainability News February 19, 2020
Expanded Recycling Supports Sustainability Goals

O-I Canada Celebrates Victory in Quebec O-I Canada has recently achieved a huge victory in the effort to keep glass […]

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Company News, Sustainability News February 19, 2020
Dispelling the Myths of Glass Recycling

O-I Meets with DEQ to Educate about Glass Benefits Glass packaging is 100% and infinitely recyclable. It can be made […]

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Company News, Sustainability News December 5, 2019
Reading, Writing, Arithmetic and RECYCLING

O-I Strongly Supports New Recycling Education Legislation Perrysburg, OH, Dec. 05, 2019 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — Owens-Illinois, Inc. (NYSE:OI), the world’s […]

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Industry Leadership

As a leader in the packaging industry, O-I remains committed to providing leadership and advocacy to several industry associations including:
U.S. Glass Recycling Coalition

The Glass Recycling Coalition brings together a diverse membership of companies and organizations to make glass recycling work: glass manufacturers, haulers, processors, materials recovery facilities, capital markets, end markets and brands that use glass to showcase their products.

Learn More
The European Container Glass Federation

FEVE promotes the benefits of glass containers across Europe. With O-I’s support, FEVE has developed a public campaign, called Friends of Glass, which educates consumers about the sustainability benefits of glass packaging.

Learn More
Glass Packaging Institute

GPI is the trade association representing the North American glass container industry. On behalf of glass container manufacturers, GPI promotes glass as the optimal packaging choice, advances environmental and recycling policies, advocates industry standards, and educates packaging professionals.

Learn More
Glass Recycling Foundation

A new non-profit organization, focused solely on funding glass recycling initiatives, the Glass Recycling Foundation is working to ensure all glass contained are continuously recycled to the highest and best use, maximizing economic, environmental and social benefits.

Learn More

The ABIVIDRO, Brazilian Association of the Glass Industry, brings together companies engaged in the glass industry, promoting the use glass and all of its benefits.

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Food Packaging Forum

The Food Packaging Forum, a nonprofit foundation, is a science communication organization that provides independent and balanced information on chemicals in all food packaging materials and their impacts on health.

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Container Recycling Institute

The nonprofit Container Recycling Institute is a leading authority on the economic and environmental impacts of used beverage containers and other consumer product packaging. Its mission is to make North America a global model for the collection and quality recycling of packaging materials.

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We’re Committed

We know getting real results requires action. That’s why we’ve developed goals, reflective of our commitment to social responsibility and sustainability. These goals focus on climate change, recycling, safety, leadership development and diversity. Find these and other examples of our commitment in our Corporate Social Responsibility Report.

Download Corporate Social Responsibility Report

Furthering Our Commitment to Invest In Sustainability Projects

O-I is the first company in the packaging industry to issue a Green Bond, furthering its commitment to sustainability throughout its global manufacturing operations and glass packaging. To support the debt offering, O-I developed a Green Bond Framework, describing in detail the Company’s sustainability strategy and goals and the types of investments that O-I is pursuing from a sustainability perspective.

O-I Green Bond Framework
Sustainalytics Releases Second Party Opinion On Green Bond

We’re Creating Impact

Helping businesses create sustainable products is a big part of creating a kinder world. But so is giving back. This commitment radiates through the nonprofit organizations we support on a company level, as well as through our employees’ donations and volunteerism. Help us discover new opportunities by directing us to worthy causes.

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